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Sessions for horses: 

Each session lasts for 1 hour including consultation and feedback time to the owner / rider.  The length of the session might vary if the horse is too young, too hold or too unwell to cope with a full lenght session. 

First session:  £35 (individual) 

Following sessions with the same horse:  £30 
(If only one horse is seen at a time) 

Other horses booked / treated at the same time: £25 

Blocks of sessions can also be bought at a reduced price. 

Note: Most pet insurance companies cover shiatsu treatments under alternative therapies or complementary therapies. 

Gift vouchers are available.

After 30 miles a small mileage charge might apply (depending on number of horses to be seen or frequency of visits).

Sessions for people: 

Each session lasts for approximately 1 hour and includes a 50 minutes treatment. 

Full body session: £35 

(on the chair or lying down) 

Hands, arms and head  £25

Hands and feet £25

Gift vouchers are available. 

A discount applies for returning customers. 

After 30 miles a small mileage charge might apply (depending on number of people to be seen or frequency of visits). 

It is possible to have a free session as an introduction to Shiatsu. During this free session the practitioner will explain how Shiatsu works, look at the basics of a diagnosis with the client and might start a gentle hand massage.