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Something about me: 

I have been working in the field of Human Resources since 2000, I now work as a consultant, as well as having qualified from the Scottish School of Shiatsu, I have certificates in counselling skills, coaching and training people. I have several degrees in a wide range of disciplines and I use the whole combination of my skills when entering a "consultation" with a shiatsu client, (even when dealing with their horses or dogs!)

Comments from previous clients taken a few days after their sessions: 

"I have never felt better in my life"

" I felt so energised I felt I could take on the world"

"I had the best and deepest sleep I ever had in the days following the session"

"I felt I had to sleep to go for short naps but felt totally energised afterwards" 

"I felt that my body was unified again and working as a whole entity and not as different parts attached together, it's a unique feeling"

"The vet has reported an improvement on my horse's general health and a speadier recovery than usual."

cover Argyll and Bute and the West of Scotland and the north west of Glasgow. 

To make an appointment or to discuss how Shiatsu could help you, please call me or send me an 


Shiatsu sessions are mainly provided at the clients' premises not at the practitian's address; the above address is for postal services only.

Further links: tESA: the Equine Shiatsu Association: http://www.equineshiatsu.org 



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