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Achieve personal and professional equilibrium, 

develop to reach your full potential.

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Equine Shiatsu

Specialised practioner in Shiatsu treatments for horses and riders. 

Helping our equine friends to feel more balanced, more in tune with their rider and better able to achieve their full potential. 

Whether you are preparing for a show, training, jumping, eventing, racing, hacking or schooling, shiatsu can help your horse. 

If your goal is rather to help your horse recover from an injury or to prevent one, shiatsu treatments can support you there too.


The Shiatsu practitioner is a member of tESA, the Equine Shiatsu Association.

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Shiatsu for Riders and the general public

Specialising in horses and riders, the shiatsu practitioner can help you achieve that perfect balance, an ideal partnership between you and your horse, allowing both partners to perform to their best.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, illness, sufer from tiredness, want to get back into shape for the new season or want to help your body cope with the strains of your sport, shiatsu can help you.

If you are more interested in boosting your immune system, becoming healthier, allowing your body to achieve a deeper rest , getting rid of aches and pains or wanting to feel more energised, a shiatsu treatment can support you with that goal too.